About Elements TCM Clinic

Elements TCM Clinic adapts the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine to meet the needs of modern Singaporeans.

It offers individualized healthcare in a boutique setting to provide a restorative space for your healing. One of the main strengths of TCM is the ability to customize treatments for each individual. At Elements TCM Clinic, you will have the time and attention you need to restore your health and vitality. For some, that is reducing pain and bothersome symptoms or improving their sleep, to others it could enhancing fertility to have the family they want. Achieve your best health today at Elements TCM Clinic.

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Our Philosophy

We believe that all our patients can have their best health ever.

We take an integrative approach that puts the patient in the centre and considers the physical, mental, emotional and environment, with the aim to restore health and balance and maintain wellness throughout the patient’s life.

Whether you need to manage acute or chronic health conditions, or desire to gain optimum health, our experienced team is here to customize your ideal health plan.

What Clients Say

I have been feeling extremely tired for a period of time. No amount of rest could help. I went to Elements TCM clinic to do some re-balancing. Through acupuncture and herbs, I am gaining my energy back. Being a working mother, sometimes life can get hectic and we neglect our bodies. I am glad for the natural ways of healing me. I love the environment too.

Helen Herryanto

The physician could identify my key areas of concern, with his experience he was very spot on. I exercise quite abit and have some sports related injuries. He helped me to recover faster and manage the pain. I like the relaxing environment, nice experience.

Isaac Loh

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