Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

Facial acupuncture can

  • Improve muscle tone to lift sagging skin
  • Increase collagen production to tighten pores
  • Reduce wrinkles and fine line
  • Boost circulation and moisture for radiant skin tone and texture.

This is a great natural alternative to Botox and is a very effective anti-aging treatment.

Some people are concerned that facial acupuncture is painful and worry if they will be able to resume normal activities after the session. But the procedure is simple and relatively painless.

What happens during this treatment?

1. Needles are inserted shallowly into skin. (1-2mm). This releases electric impulses and stimulates immune cells that enhance healing.
2. The needle piercing stimulates collagen production to 1) reduce wrinkles 2) ‘fill up’ enlarged pores and uneven surfaces for smoother surface.
3. Skin surface cells (epidermal cells) are renewed; younger cells retain moisture and nutrients better and which result in elastic and glowing skin.