1) There are more than 3000 onsens in Japan

The country’s widespread of onsens in Japan is due to the country’s prime location along the pacific ring of fire where plate tectonics and volcanic activities are most active.

Due to the healing powers of mineral rich spring water in managing rheumatism, hypertension, skin diseases and more, onsens have maintained its popularity for centuries.

2) The oldest onsen in Japan is at least 3000 years old

Housed in a wooden castle-like structure, the Dogo Onsen located on the island of Shikoku is one of the oldest in Japan. It has been used for about 3000 years and have been mentioned as a favourite hangout of commoners, emperors and even Gods.

3) Ancient hunters helped in the discovery of ancient onsens

Ancient hunters have uncovered some of the most beautiful and remote natural hot springs in Japan. While pursuing wounded animals, they were often led to hot springs as these animals knew about the healing abilities of onsens in easing their pain.

For this reason, animals who have led men to these divine waters have often been seen as messengers of Gods. As a tribute to these animals, many onsen buildings continue to have statues of brown bears and white herons.