Cupping therapy involves applying a glass cup to the skin and creating vacuum within it to draw and hold the skin. The suction increases the blood flow to the cupped areas and releases toxins and moves blocked qi. It is highly beneficial to the lymphatic system, promotes blood circulation, eases menstrual and digestive problems and alleviates aches and pains. The cup marks tend to disappear within a few days and do not hurt after the procedure itself.

Cupping also aids weight loss.


We use buffalo horn to do scraping. Pressure is applied as strokes to the skin along meridians to sweep the energy pathways and activate blood circulation. This treatment helps with relieving the body of fever and other symptoms of excessive heatiness.Qi flow and blood circulation are enhanced and it brings down inflammation.

Regular Skin Scraping is helpful to balance the qi, relieve fatigue, and improve one’s immune system.

After the scraping, the skin might show red, black and blue spots like sand, there comes the name “Gua Sha”. The Sha bump should fade in 2~4 days. If this process is slower than predicted, it could be due to poor blood circulation and our physician would do further diagnosis.

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