TCM Internal Medicine

In TCM, Internal Medicine is the branch that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of internal organ systems. While conventional medicine target to treat symptoms. TCM focuses on correcting and restoring inner balance so that the body can f unction harmoniously. TCM believes the human body is a sophisticated universe of interconnecting systems that work in balance for the general health of the body.
Through use of herbal medicine or acupuncture, the physician helps deal with root causes of diseases and symptoms to bring healing to the body.


• Symptoms management
• Chronic disease management (dicibutes, kidney diseases, curdiovJscukar disease)
• Diabetes
• Preventive care and malntencnce of ge-tral health
• Digectivn issues
• Sleap disorders
• Skin corciitions
• Stroke management
• Rosprotorie proolem

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